Honcho Gin – Leading the way for Premium Hand Crafted Gins Produced in Australia

Honcho Gin is a new multi-award winning ultra premium gin making a tremendous rise in the ranks of small batch, hand crafted gins hailing from Australia.

Honcho Gin - Premium hand crafted gin

With its latest accolade of a Silver medal at the London Spirits Competition adding to the recent wins at the Australian Gin Awards and the Bartender Magazine Hottest 100 Aussie Spirits Countdown. It’s been a wild ride for the new brand which is produced in the mountains of Queensland, Australia. The gin is crafted using only the finest botanicals, mountain water and triple filtered for a smooth finish yet still retaining maximum flavour due to being non-chill filtered. This results in the oils from the botanicals remaining in the gin, which gives the gin a slightly hazy appearance when added to ice or cold liquids.

Honcho Gin is a dry gin, which means it is not sweetened by extra additives or artificial flavourings. It is made up of rare botanicals sourced from around the world which are then steeped in the spirit during the distillation process. The base spirit is distilled from sugarcane which lends itself to a crisp and fruitful accord. Combined with the rare botanicals, it renders the gin an overall bold flavour showing complexity, yet not overpowering the heady juniper base.

“We wanted to produce a gin that was really special and to showcase the artisanal prowess of gin production within Australia. We believe that you don’t need to look to the international market to find top shelf gin, when we craft exceptional gin right on our own soil. Being able to showcase that Australian gin can not just compete with the more established brands, but also surpass them was the driving factor to produce a quality gin.” commented Henrick Rajamountry, Director – Libation Liquor.

He added, “We knew when we first set out to bring Honcho Gin to market that we would be facing stiff competition in a saturated market both locally and abroad. There were countless entities which were looking to make a quick buck by slapping a label onto a bottle and marketing the next best gin however, we really strived to make an impact by crafting a truly premium gin. This meant sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, as well as following sustainable practices in the way that the gin was produced. We wanted to look to the future and ensure longevity in our brand and set ourselves up for ongoing success.”

Honcho gin is available direct from the online store at honcho.com, wholesale via Paramount Liquor and various other online retailers like The Gin Boutique and Nip of Courage. Libation Liquor, the parent company of Honcho Gin is also working on international distribution channels which will see the brand enter several other overseas markets.

About Honcho Gin

A new challenger player in the already saturated Gin market. We don’t care what our peers are doing. We care about what we do and how we do it. Producing a quality Australian hand made Gin using the best ingredients and pure Australian water. We will lead the way in which others will follow.

Honcho Gin is part of the Libation Liquor spirits division. The first ultra premium rare dry gin offering from the portfolio which also includes Refer Vodka